Information - Metal Days


All you need to know

Registration is open until May 15, 2019!

Event date: 12.6.2019
Location: Hotel Kaskady
Address: Letecká 19, 962 31 Sliač – Sielnica
Congress room: Palas Atena (Grande)

Register for free and become a part of an informative and diverting event that has now come to be a Rösler tradition. Because of the limited number of participants, the registrations will be processed in the specific order of precedence after which you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Our invitees are granted with a pro bono participation. Furthermore, our event includes a comprehensive catering service for all attendees. After the event we are happy to invite you to join us for a cozy barbeque at the Hotel Koliba.


Do you want to book an accommodation at Kaskady Hotel & Resort during your stay?

As a thank you for your appearance at our event, we worked together with the hotel management to win a special offer for all guests wishing to stay at Hotel Kaskady. Simply use the code MDC 2019 when making a reservation and get your overnight stay at a discounted rate.

Please note that only a certain number of rooms are available, we recommend to book in time.
+421 45 530 00 00
+421 45 530 00 12

About Kaskady Hotel & Resort

The hotel lies in Sielnica, the heart of Slovakia. It is a unique place where underground hot springs converge. The two famous spa centers Sliač and Kováčová are in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. The Kaskady Hotel stands for one of the most popular and successful ones in Slovakia.

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